Room Description


Services include exemplary customer care, attentive staff, coffee, tea, secure access, lighted parking lot, abundant parking, convenient location off 75, audio visual equipment, assistance in room set-up, room clean-up, administrative support such as ordering lunches, phone messages, and faxes.
There are a variety of different size rooms that you can use to host your next meeting/ class.
We can accommodate anywhere from I person to 85 people. There are 15 rooms that can be reserved.
We also have 1 semi private room you can reserve at your request (max 14).

Room Capacities

  • I, L, M, N and O – maximum 12 people in each room
  • P – maximum 16 people
  • B and C – maximum 18 people in each room
  • D and E – maximum 24 people in each room
  • BD and CE combined – maximum 42 people
  • BCDE combined – maximum 84 people
  • JK combined – maximum 25 people
  • Lab – maximum 20 people
Contact Kim Pitts for more information on reserving a conference room.


For additional information/assistance please contact the Electric Cooperative Training Center at 800-226-6324.
Thank you for your interest in GTC's Electric Cooperative Training Center!