Georgia Transmission Corporation offers comprehensive, performance-based training programs in two main areas: ITS Qualified Operator Training and Operator & Dispatcher Training. Training courses are offered at the Electric Cooperative Training Center in Forsyth, GA and on-site locations.

The courses included in each area are listed below. Click on your area of interest (on the side menu) to view course descriptions and specific information on our courses.
Integrated Transmission System (ITS) Qualified Operator Training
Qualified Operator 5-Day
Re-Qualified Operator 1-Day
Re-Qualified Operator 2-Day
On-Site Written Examination
Substation Access Only
Transmission Substation First Responders
Substation Access Only
Substation Access Only
Emergency Restoration Training
Transmission Line Restoration
Transmission Line Restoration Re-Qualification
Substation Restoration
Substation Restoration Re-Qualification
Transmission Right-of-way Access Only

Course Success Stories
Our course graduates boast our organization and quality of instructors:
"The instructor was very enjoyable. He engages the students and brings plenty of personal insight to the instruction."
 - EMC Lineman
I have worked in transmission/distribution for many years, and this class is by far the best overall class I have ever attended.
-EMC Lineman

The instructor “does a great job providing real life examples and scenarios in his teaching of the ITS systems. He does a great job managing the time and offers opportunities for questions. Great job, again!"-EMC Lineman
I am very glad that I have been through the 5-day course. I felt as though I have gained a substantial amount of knowledge from this course and see the experience as a value."
-EMC Lineman